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The Sunrise from the Moon | 3F, 2M - Approx. 100 Minutes

Annaliese Gardner, a refugee from the defunct Lunar Colony Montgomery, is returned to Earth and housed in the Georgia Aquarium’s jellyfish room.

Mina Espinoza, a researcher from NASA, is assigned to Annie’s case. If she can extract from Annaliese what caused Montgomery’s failure and simultaneously mold her into something resembling a typical American citizen, she is confident she’ll win over the public opinion and reinstate NASA’s prestige. But the intentionally difficult, pointedly bizarre, and deeply traumatized Annaliese is wary.

Compensation | 1F, 2M - Approx. 90 Minutes

Unbeknownst to her mother, Tara drops out of college and becomes a surrogate for Gabriel and Elliott, a well-established gay couple. Suddenly, Tara finds herself carrying not only their future child, but a terrible secret as well. Compensation is a dialogue about the complex systems that coerce women into outsourcing their bodies for income, the ethical implications of men purchasing access to those bodies, and the profound yearning for family that drives these people to entangle themselves in these systems in the first place.

One Acts
earth's most customer-centric company | 3F - Approx. 45 Minutes

Teresa is an idyllic upper middle-class housewife, and she lives an idyllic upper middle-class life – except that her six-year-old daughter, Maddie, won’t speak: not to her mother, not to her schoolteacher, and not to her therapists (multiple – with an ‘s’!). Teresa’s only window into Maddie’s mind is the orders she places on So, when new Amazon delivery girl, Nat, communicates with Maddie more effectively than Teresa ever has, Teresa is immediately defensive… but Nat might be just what Teresa needs to finally confront a deep and secret well of familial pain.


Baylee is picking up the pieces after learning her most recent Tinder hookup, a local hotshot news anchor named Johnny, used her to cheat on his girlfriend. She takes comfort in the support of her best friend, Vince - until she learns that Vince is working the Regional Emmy event at which Johnny is being honored. Now, her only sounding board is an even-more-recent Tinder match, Nat (because why not open her profile up to 'view men and women,' right?!). But Nat plays a more involved role in this narrative than Baylee realizes.

Screaming, Humming| 2F, 1M - Approx. 25 Minutes

Art school dropout, Heather, works at a pizzeria, where she must spend every agonizing cigarette break staring down the undeniably hideous mural she painted on the side of the adjacent building. Much to the chagrin of her co-worker and best friend, Stephanie, Heather has just moved in with her boyfriend, Michael - which is, of course, a whole thing, because maybe Steph knows what she's talking about, and maybe it's time Heather figured out what she really wants.

Short Plays
☆ Aug. 13 - first (and final) meeting of the tj-maxx dying dreams conglomerate?? details wthn | 2F, 1M, 1NB - Approx. 10 Minutes

the evansville tj-maxx is scheduled for demolition at 6 am sharp on the morning of august 14th, 2018. interested parties who have been failed by family, friends, romantic partners, bosses, pets, and society at large are hereby cordially invited to meet in the tj-maxx's gutted halls the evening prior to demolition in order to spend a single night living the lives we could have lived, had we been born richer or kinder or more talented. but probably just richer.

the tj-maxx dying dreams conglomerate believes in quality of life over quantity of life. don't you owe yourself one good night as the person you wish you'd always been?

...But a 24 Hour Diner 3F - Approx. 15 Minutes

Following her deadbeat father's passing, fourteen-year-old Cassidy unwittingly connects with her deadbeat guardian angel - who just so happens to be working the night shift at the local diner.

Think, like, It's a Wonderful Life - except not really that at all.

In the Cards | 2F, 1M - Approx. 5 Minutes

Miranda has a cat named Booger, an ex named Miles, and an attitude problem.

She also has a date with a cute witchy girl named Taylor, who might just hold her fate in those tarot cards she pulled. Or maybe not.

Either way, Miles needs to get the fuck out of her apartment.

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