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We never outgrow the need to play. Games connect us with our community, lead to a deeper understanding of the self, and allow us to better imagine possibilities for our future. As a game writer and game shepherd, Hannah's work exists at the sweet spot of the cross-road between "full-hearted displays of campy abandon" and "tender moments of connection."

Public Pool Mermaids - A One Page RPG

It’s a scorcher in mid-July. You are a group of (primarily) girls at the public pool, and you are all part of a mighty mermaid kingdom. Last summer, you were too little to venture beyond the steps. This summer? Your mission is to expand your reign: all the way to the deep end...

In Public Pool Mermaids, you roll for your tail color (the essential element which determines your standing in the pecking order), pick your mermaid power, and team up to rule the pool. But beware -- the lifeguard is always watching. Get caught breaking three pool rules, and your grown-up will take you home. 

Light on mechanics, big on passion, Public Pool Mermaids recreates the unhinged, full-hearted nature of the games of pretend piloted by young girls. So dive in! (Just don't let the lifeguard see!)

Death of Innocence - Campaign Intro

Nestled deep in the Second Plane of Hades, you stumble upon a town blanketed in fog and surrounded by pines. Fortified on all sides by spiked walls, it seems to survive as a turtle does, with limbs and head pulled in tight against its shell... 

Death of Innocence is an RPG campaign piloted by Hannah Manikowski and centered on trauma recovery, community building, and making the next right choice. You can experience the intro to her campaign here.

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